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Until recently, most of the attention Carla Bruni (model, singer, and wife to French president Nicolas Sarkozy) has gotten is related to her fashion choices as compared to First Lady Michelle Obama and Princess Letizia of Spain, as well as a somewhat embarrassing video in which the French beauty called her husband  my ‘chou chou.’  The video has made quite a splash across France and Bill O’Reilly even discussed it on his controversial show.
Now the 41-year-old has something bigger – and possibly more embarrassing – to worry about. A nude picture of her, shot in 1994, is going up for auction in Berlin at the Villa Grisebach Auction on June 4 as part of a sale of Modern and Contemporary Photographs.
This auction follows the sale of a full-frontal nude photo of Bruni which sold for $91,000 (£60,000) or about 22 times what auctioneers thought it would sell for.
The new image for sale, in which Bruni is bare-breasted, is titled “Carla Bruni in Bed.” It was shot by American photographer Pamela Hansen when France’s first lady was 26 and dating Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. Only ten numbered copies exist and the bidding for the 16 feet by 24 feet work will begin at $4,800 (£3,000).
That’s not where it ends, however.  A nude sketch of Bruni is also being sold in Paris in June as part of an exhibition called ‘Pin-Up’.
The French president is said to be totally fine with the sale because, reportedly, he knows that the only nude images ever taken of his wife are tasteful.