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Story and Photos by Boris Marberg and Wolfgang Wöhrle

On a windy early summer evening, we came to the financial capital of Switzerland, on the shores of picturesque Lake Zurich, with the Alps in the background. The new swimwear, lingerie, and knitwear collections of the Swiss labels Lyn and Christina Krämer were presented in a tandem show at the city’s 19th century women’s baths, the Frauenbadi, down on the river Limat, which divides historic downtown Zurich.





Lyn is fashioned by the designer Evelyn Huber, who started as a tailor for theater and later decided to start her own fashion label. To reach that goal, she studied fashion design in Switzerland. Her actual collection of swimwear and lingerie is aimed at women between the ages of 25-40, who want to be amorous and alluring but not too provocative. She finds her inspiration in the conservative, and channels the fashions that prevailed between the two world wars. These garments embody elegance with a light, breezy quality. All of the garments are handmade in Switzerland, using high quality tulle and jersey materials.


Her outfits are well combined with the knitwear of Christina Kraemer, also a Swiss designer who studied fashion design and is producing her handmade garments in Switzerland. Both labels have based their showrooms in Zurich, but you can find them at the trade fair Blickfang, as well.