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I’ll be honest and admit that, in general, I’m an advertising executive’s worst nightmare.  A serial deleter of the generic, and generally banal, inducements to shop that hit my inbox with depressing regularity.  A magazine reader who ignores the advertisements that stare up at me beseechingly from the printed page, willing me to buy into the dream they’re attempting to sell. 
In Christian Louboutin’s Fall/Winter ad campaign, however, I may have met my match.  The images, shot by photographer Peter Lippmann and styled by Amandine Moine, are filled with the kind of muted, lush, slightly sinister, extravagance associated with 17th and 18th century still life paintings.  Their call to heavy, decadent, luxury is compelling.  Suddenly a life devoid of acres of velvet, pewter goblets overflowing with wine, the occasional skull, and some fringed suede boots seems a trifle tame. 
In fact, the only shadow cast upon this lavish scene is the minor consideration that my lack of interest in the majority of advertisements is only equaled by my lack of balance in heels.  And that unless I’m interested in actually becoming a still life (or, to be precise, an “incredibly wobbly life”) I’ll have to enjoy these images purely as art.
Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.