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In case you missed it, let me remind you, this is the winter where hosiery meets the embellished leg. 


At the collections, lower limbs were covered in cartoons at Chanel, plaid at Marni, sprinkled with sequins at Miu Miu, set with circus stripes at Alexander McQueen, encrusted at Louis Vuitton, and polka dotted at Balenciaga.

All of these looked fabulous on the catwalk, but are a little disconcerting for those of us more used to the comforting simplicity of a black opaque or, for daring days, one of their more brightly colored brethren.  After all, so much more time and planning is involved to try and pull together an outfit incorporating graphic scribbles on the leg; if they’re the only “crazy” portion of the outfit they look like a guest that turned up at the wrong party, if they’re part of an overall theme, the result can look chaotic.

Likewise, a sprinkling of sequins upon a pale pink background can look magical, as it did at Miu Miu.  Unfortunately, in the real world, it can also look like a painful (though girlishly sparkly) skin condition.  It’s all in the interpretation, but it’s not generally something you want to start worrying about as you get dressed for work in the morning.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.