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If there’s one thing Victim of Circumstance doesn’t play, it’s the victim. 

The brand, which officially launches its first collection next spring, saw opportunity in the changing economic climate while others saw disaster. Uncertainty, it turns out, is a stunning source of inspiration. The collection features vintage-inspired fabric in modern shapes, tops that are equal parts sheer and sturdy, and a fringe skirt that both Barbarella and Holly Golightly would pick up.

That the result is so cohesive is a testament to its experienced design team. VOC is a division of Qi, whose designers cut their teeth for big names like Zac Posen and Adam. The only thing they might understand more than fashion is their wearer; not only does VOC have a backstory, but its also got an imagined muse. Though we all might not fit into her description (freelance fashion photographer who lives in SoHo and parties at Santo’s), we know someone who does.

And while that girl might always be perfectly dressed, she certainly never plays the victim. Now, she just wears it.

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