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2.  Street food has always been a part of New York, for better for worse.  For better street food, get a coffee from the family-owned Mud Truck on Astor Place and 4th.  If there is ever a line of less than 20 people at Halal Chicken and Gyro on 53rd & 6th, get in it.  You will be in line with all of the undercover power brokers in the city, as well as a fair number of chefs and restauranteurs.  



3.  Be sure to get the cross streets, not just the address.  "9 53rd Street" is not an address,  it’s a pair of disappointing numbers.  If you go to 9 W 53rd, you’ll be in the gorgeous restaurant on the ground floor of the Museum of Modern Art.  If you go to 9 E 53rd, you will be at a place called "Burger Heaven." 

4.  The city that never sleeps relies on a lot of fantastic coffee.  Try Jack’s on 138 W 10th (near Greenwich Ave) and ask for Julia.

5.  Don’t be ashamed to visit the Starbucks.  We have plenty of them and they’re always good enough.  (Hint: if you purchase coffee with your Starbucks card, you get free refills.  If you register your Starbucks card online you get free WIFI.)  Starbucks also sells our two best newspapers, the daily New York Times and the weekly New York Observer, which somehow manages to discover and dissect everything in the city about 3 months before it’s in vogue.

6.  If you ever get lost: ask.  New Yorkers are inveterate know-it-alls and they love to help you find your way, because it proves that they know a few things.  In fact, if you feel like making someone’s day, just periodically ask people where Broadway is.

7.  Oh, the subway.  Step aside from the doors while the train is in the station and let everyone off first.  Step all the way in when you get there.  This, miraculously, helps get you where you need to go faster.  Unlike Prague, the seats are not culturally reserved just for ladies or the elderly, but if someone’s grandmother teeters on in front of your seat, go ahead and pretend that you were getting up anyway.


8.  When you get out of the subway, you’re going to be turned around.  We get turned around.  It’s natural.  Take a second to see whether you’re facing uptown or downtown.  Then ask someone ‘which way is Broadway?’

9.  Just because you find yourself doing a lot of walking doesn’t make it acceptable to wear "walking shoes."  All shoes are walking shoes.

10.  Central Park: "It is part of New York that never changes…  Around us, buildings elbow each other along the street, then reach for the sky. But the Park Remains."- PF Kluge, Gone Tomorrow. Every time you come to New York, you lose some glorious place where you were once at, but Central Park is always where you left it.  If you ever need a place to relax and clear your head, it’s Central Park.  Relax at The Boat House.  However, if you can’t possibly relax because you have too many things to be thinking about, head over to the newly opened High Line, which is a park built on an abandoned industrial railroad through the Meatpacking District and West Chelsea.  On the high line, you can take a walk and instead of getting lost in thought, you can chug along the train tracks and figure a few things out...