News & Runway


Spotted: Matthew Stone in the Meatpacking

Where are you from? London

What are you doing for fashion week? "I made the music for a video installation we did with Gareth Pugh.  And I’m exhausted."


Spotted: Twin sisters Mariya and Trisha Milano selling their handmade jewelry.

What inspired your look? "When you mash up our names you get Marisha – a warrior Goddess of the light stars, Marisha Ten Warrior."

What do you call your jewelry line? "What else?  Marisha Ten Warrior!"

Spotted: outside of Pastis in the Meatpacking, two blocks from Milk Studios

What is your name: Carson McColl

What inspired your look today?: "A serious hangover."

Where are you from: London

Spotted: between shows, in make up for one and on the way to the other.

Name: Rachel Rott

What are you wearing?: "My friends’ band you should look them up. Heavy Mental. They’re amazing! Two girls–electro."

Which Agency are you with?: Next

From: Australia

Photos by Angus Smythe