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Move over Pucci and Missoni – someone edgier is looking for a spot in people’s living rooms. Rick Owens, the avant garde, rock-chic American Fashion designer who has been based in Paris since 2003, will be coming out with a furniture line in addition to running his namesake clothing brand and serving as creative director for furrier Revillon. The designer has said that he finds himself often inspired by furniture when designing his fashion collections – notably the work of the late architect Le Corbusier. He said, “I look at architecture for inspiration. If I’m wondering where to go with a collection, all I need to do is open a Le Corbusier book, and the consistency, the integrity of his work, tells me what my next step should be.”

Now Owens is taking his passion one step further with a furniture show in London called “Evolution” at Sebastian + Barquet’s gallery which will run through the end of the month.  The show will feature Owens’ raw-edged chairs, sofas, tables and lamps made from antlers, black-and-white marble, shearling, and fisher fur (the designer is after all best known for his love of black and fur). 

Given that the furniture pieces are selling in art galleries, it comes as little surprise that the pieces are accordingly priced – about $3,000 to $36,000.


I guess we have to come to terms with the unfortunate reality that, in light of those prices, we won’t be having any Rick Owens furniture in our apartment any time soon.


Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.