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Vivienne Westwood has an earth-friendly message to send once again this season. She wants us to “Act fast, slow down, stop climate change” – iterations of which appeared on a few of the models’ chests via pinned notes (think Cool 2010).


Eco messages aside, Westwood’s shows are always enthralling from the first look, if only for the hair and makeup. This season, the models’ faces were painted in a Geisha-esque white with deep lips and blond, brown, or black and orange half-moon spiced hair colors which played into Westwood’s all-over-the-place color palette this season.


That said, while seeing Westwood’s parade of disheveled, mismatched looks are always enthralling to watch, it’s hard to imagine anyone really wearing most of these pieces – let alone styled the way they were at the show.

Looks included a black bra worn with wide-legged black pants, a blue patterned piece of fabric tied across the upper part of the model’s chest, and a multi-paneled pair of black hot pants which were paired with a midriff-baring corset top and white blazer.


There were, however, some quirky but wearable dresses, including a pleated khaki iridescent one and a khaki trench.  Khaki seems to be a big trend this season with everyone from Boy by Band of Outsiders to Alexander Wang turning to the color.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.