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Sisters Aimeé and Katia Suero are not new to the fashion scene, especially after holding a repertoire that contains stints at Óscar de la Renta, Donna Karan, Simón Alcántara, and Edmundo Castillo. But back in 2006, the duo decided to branch out and spring anew to invent jewelry on their own. Milla Concepts was then born out of sisterly love and a background that proves to be a perfect fit. Aimeé Suero studied at the Altos de Chavón School of Design, a well-known institution in the Dominican Republic affiliated with Parsons. Aimeé handcrafts the pieces, while Katia Suero bestows her marketing expertise to promote the brand.


The result of their collaboration consists of three collections aptly named Princess, Chains, and One of a Kind. Their seemingly bricolage approach to conceiving their impressive necklaces for the One of a Kind collection, for example, is in reality a meticulously orchestrated design. Each necklace features a distinct color palette, varying slightly in form, but all echoing an almost Fulani tribal aesthetic. Their other collections include über-cool plastic chain necklaces and delicate designs – all with a defiantly feminine mystique. The pieces are made of luxurious materials such as silk, nylon, semi-precious stones, and Argentinean silver.

Milla Concepts centralizes on handcrafted creations that are truly masterpieces for your neck. The Suero’s believe in timeless, wearable art.  That’s what drives their design process, culminating in intricate pieces that are meant for today, tomorrow, and forever.

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Exclusive tFS Interview:

tFS: How did you girls came up with the name, Milla Concepts?

MC: Milla is a nickname that uncle Edmundo Castillo put Aimeé when she was little. It made sense because it’s a family business.

tFS: How do you get inspired when designing?

MC: From traveling and living…

tFS: What other jewelry designers do you admire?


tFS: How would you describe your personal style?

MC: Our style is a little mix of everything. Depends on the mood!

tFS: What trend do you love right now?

MC: A mix of Graphic + Organic.

tFS: What trend do you hate?

MC: Fashion victims.

tFS: What’s something every woman needs?

MC: A beautiful necklace!