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When the news first broke that Joe Corre, the co-founder of the United Kingdom-based saucy lingerie brand Agent Provocateur, was leaving the brand that he started more than 15 years ago with Serena Rees, the announcement came with word that the celeb-favored lingerie brand would be expanding into new areas of business.  These include fragrance, jewelry in association with BJD, sunglasses, umbrellas, bedding deals, as well as the opening of seven international stores, including ones in Moscow, Switzerland, Korea, Malaysia, Spain, and Eastern Europe.


Now, just a few days later, it is confirmed that Agent Provocateur has indeed inked a licensing deal with Designer Parfums, a British fragrance distributor and manufacturer which will manufacture, distribute, and market the brand’s perfume for the next 10 years. This isn’t Agent Provocateur’s first foray into the beauty realm. They already have a number of items including a signature scent, candles, body lotions, and even scented tissues.

While many of their products are popular among my friends, and while I’ve always loved what the brand has done in terms of packaging and branding, I never found any of their beauty products to work effectively (i.e. I don’t find their body lotion moisturizing), or smell particularly well (most of their products have an intense potpourri-like scent).


That said, the company’s beauty license was formerly held by Selective Beauty, so perhaps their new fragrance via Designer Parfums, will prove to be more alluring.