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Graduate Fashion Week: Mary Katrantzou Divulges Her Dream of Moving Into Interior Design

Graduate Fashion Week is in full swing once more as the UK’s leading emerging design talents from universities around the country are all descending upon Central London in order to showcase their graduation collections. The event is comprised of an exhibition, catwalk shows and educational talks ranging from angel investors to established fashion designers. We were lucky enough to catch fashion designer Mary Katrantzou’s interview where she recalled her own journey within the world of fashion. Here are a few interesting and not so well-known facts that she dished out about herself.

Mary Katrantzou

Image: WENN

On Choosing a Career in Fashion:

Mary explained that she was originally studying for a degree in architecture in the US but opted for a change of career and did a transfer course in Textile Design at London’s Central Saint Martins because her boyfriend convinced her to move to another country with him. So, if you ever have to make the choice between love or your career, this is probably the best example you’ll ever get that opting for the romantic route doesn’t always hinder your career. You really can have it all, and just in case you were wondering, yes, they’re still together all these years later.

Her Jewelry Inspiration

Mary also chose to continue her fashion education at Central Saint Martins with an MA where she ventured into the world of jewelry design. She found a wood carpenter in London’s Hackney area and used her Mum’s factory back in Greece to produce the pieces. The factory is actually used for creating interior design pieces, so that’s why her jewelry ended up with an industrial-looking aesthetic.  

On Running Her Own Label

When Mary initially started her own brand after graduating, she controlled every aspect of it, and even taught herself how to manage the financial side. Although her in-house team may have expanded these days, she’s still retained control over certain areas other than just design, and even openly confessed that she loves chasing people for money when they haven’t paid her!

On Her Design Inspiration

Mary explained that she derives her inspiration from a mix of mediums including books, Google images, traveling to look at what different cultures wear, and also from her own previous collections.

Her Future Dreams

Mary divulged her love for interior design, which she attributes to her dabbling with an architecture degree, and went on to explain that she’d love to expand her brand to cover interior design. For now though, she explained that she doesn’t have the resources or the right team to do it, but when she does, she’ll definitely give it a go.