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Haute Couture Fall 2013 Hits and Misses (Forum Buzz)

In what many forum members dubbed a “disappointing” season for Haute Couture, the misses seemed to roll in more steadily than the hits. But, there were a few bright spots in the mix to give us that satisfying fashion fantasy that we’re all looking for in the couture collections. Herewith, the forum members’ picks for the highs and lows of Fall 2013 Haute Couture.

The Hits: Armani Prive, Valentino, Jean Paul Gaultier. Images: IMAXtree

The Hits: Armani Prive, Valentino, Jean Paul Gaultier. Images: IMAXtree


Armani Privé

“I love this, the best collection so far. Gives me Great Gatsby vibes.” [Nymphaea]

“Super gorgeous, romantic collection. Sidenote: There are so many boobs on parade this Haute Couture season… there must be something in the water.” [Moofins]

“FINALLY a gorgeous collection. So many stellar, beautiful dresses I'm head over heels for. The nude/light color palette can be quite overwhelming, but I'm just loving it as the collection progresses.” [LagerfeldBoy]

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“Despite there being nothing really new in terms of silhouette here, it's the mood and the dark, devilish undertones that set this one far above [Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli’s] previous efforts. Paganism is always such a rich source of inspiration when done right – and this is one of the best studies on it I've seen. These girls look straight out of a Hieronymus Bosch painting. The textures are so intensely luxurious. I love the knotty, almost grotesque appliqués of lace, I love the coral and anatomical jacquards, I love the chinoiserie, the fur, the Cathodic golds… it's so heady and so erotic in that way. Because even though these girls are showing very little skin, you can imagine them peeling off the layers for some forbidden, candlelight ceremony.” [dior_couture1245]

“I’m besotted with this. Not so much the first look and slightly amateur looking application of the large illustrations on the woolen jackets, but everything else is perfection.” [Kite]

“Gosh, they can do no wrong. I'd kill someone for this collection.” [anlabe32]

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Jean Paul Gaultier

“Pure luxe! The leopard print pieces scream wealth to me and they all are executed so well. Not that I’d expect anything less from JPG.” [Greenway]


“Some of it is gorgeous and some of it is not, but overall what a stunning collection this is! One of the best, if not the best collection in this terrible couture season.” [SGaspar]

“Thank God for JPG because this season has been terrible. I LOVE the green gown, the colors, the leopard and the hats.” [Label Basher]

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