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Model to Watch: Californication’s Summer Crosley


Part model, part actress, part activist, we chat with Californication's Summer Crosley.

theFashionSpot: How did you get into modeling?

Summer Crosley: I was living in South Beach and got discovered walking down the street by an agency.

tFS: What's the toughest part about modeling? 

SC: The rejection; models go to lots of castings, but they don't get booked on every casting they go to, so you have to stay confident and positive and eventually you will get good jobs.

tFS: The best part?

SC: Having my hair, makeup and wardrobe all put together. It's amazing how it can transform you from natural girl to glamorous girl!

tFS: What's something that would surprise people about modeling?

SC: The biggest surprise is that models think that when they first start out modeling that it will be the only time they need to do "test" shoots, which is not true, even models like Gisele still do test shoots! Some of a model's best pictures are from tests.

tFS: Do you have any tips for people looking to become professional models? 

SC: My advice is to constantly test and shoot and get a variety of looks. A portfolio with many looks will land a model great print shoots.


tFS: Can you tell us about your favorite modeling gig thus far?

SC: My favorite modeling gig so far was a shoot in Fiji — what a gorgeous place! The water is so amazing and the pictures were stunning.

tFS: Any brand you're dying to work with?

SC: I would love to work with Dolce and Gabbana; I've always been a huge fan of their ad campaigns.

tFS: How do you work to stay in shape?

SC: I stay in shape by working out outdoors, riding my beach cruiser, hiking, stand up paddle and swimming.

tFS: Have you always been interested in acting? How did your appearances on Californication come about?

SC: I've always been interested in acting, but have always been very shy, so when I want to the casting for Californication, I assumed I would never get that role, but I did!

tFS: How did you get involved with Ocean Life Conservation?

SC: I've traveled the world doing shoots at the world's most beautiful beaches and noticed our beaches, fish and plant life were decreasing and becoming extinct due to plastic and trash in the oceans, so I started organizing beach clean-ups to educate people on what they can do to make a difference.

tFS: Can you tell us about any exciting projects you're working on?

SC: Lots of editorials for major magazines; always new things popping up every week! Keeps things exciting.