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Runway to Real Life: Solange Knowles in Prada, Rachel Bilson in Oscar de la Renta and More (Forum Buzz)

If this week’s showing of runway to real life styling is any indication, we’d all better start dusting off (or stocking up on) our pointy-toed pumps. From the world of music to acting and modeling, here’s how the pros adapted catwalk clothes and accessories to their big fancy everyday lives.

Solange Knowles in Prada Spring 2013

Images: Andres Otero/, IMAXtree

Images: Andres Otero/, IMAXtree

Solange Knowles tried out a look from Prada’s Japanese-inspired Spring 2013 collection at the Blue Jasmine premiere in New York City. Slightly modified with less origami folds, Solange wisely skipped the metallic leather socks from the runway and went for a pink heeled version of Prada’s Geisha-style shoes instead.

Somehow though, forum members didn’t seem all that impressed. “That Prada outfit looks messy,” Nymphaea posted.

Fer19dog wrote, “The Prada dress looks 100 times better on Solange than on the runway, but still it’s so ugly.”