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Style and the Successful Girl with Celeb Stylist Gretta Monahan


Follow your instinct — then work your ass off.

It's the best advice celeb stylist Gretta Monahan has ever received (from her beloved Aunt Kathy) and judging by this lady's resume, she has VERY chic instinct. As if Monahan's day job as style guru on The Rachel Ray Show wasn't enough, she's also the owner/operator of five salons, a high-end clothing boutique in Boston and will debut her new book, Style and the Successful Girl, in October.

I caught up with the insanely savvy businesswoman and soon-to-be-author to chat about Charlize, Stella and why her next big conquer may be some homemade gelato. (Hey! She deserves it!)

Julie Bensman: What is it about a makeover that people love so much?

Gretta Monahan: The transformation. I think we all have periods of time when we just feel the need to refresh — our homes, our minds, our bodies and ourselves. And we all get into ruts. Before you know it, you've been wearing the same makeup, using the same handbag and wearing the same clothes — it just feels a little dull, boring or out-of-date. A makeover shakes everything up.

JB: If you could give one piece of style advice to women everywhere, what would it be?

GM: Wear properly fitted clothes that are tailored to your body. Too often, women (and men!) wear ill-fitting clothes doing them NO favors. Spend a bit more on fewer clothes that fit and flatter rather than a closet full of shapeless silhouettes.

JB: How would you describe your own sense of style?

GM: Running multiple businesses has taught me to multitask, which is consistent with my style, as it’s ever-changing and evolving! In full disclosure, my most comfortable look is that of a “sophisticated girl" — tailored blazer, pant and blouse. I'm ready for anything when this is my foundation. Then I add some sexy accents: uber-high stilettos, dangly earrings and a touch of animal print.

JB: Which celeb do you think gets the red carpet right every time?

GM: Charlize Theron. She exudes confidence and grace. She makes the classics feel modern and isn't afraid to take a risk now and then. It also doesn't hurt she's one of the most gorgeous women to walk the earth!

JB: If you could live in one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

GM: No hesitation: a Stella McCartney sweater coat, Mother jeans, Yigal Azrouel scarf, a Kristensen DuNord tee and Chloe boots. Finished with light strands of silver jewelry and hoops = Done.

book_coverJB: Talk to me about your book launching in October, what can we expect?

GM: I'm over the moon about this book, it's a lifelong dream come true for me! Style and the Successful Girl is all about creating winning combinations for real girls in real life that will help to make sense of their individual style. I offer up straightforward tips and tricks, in addition to tried and true guidelines for girls of all ages and incomes. I get so many messages from women across the United States to come to their homes and do what I do on The Rachael Ray Show. Of course, there's not enough time in the world, so this is the next best thing.

JB: What's the last thing you Googled?

GM: Homemade ice cream recipes. I found an interesting recipe for a Lemon Olive Oil Gelato — how good does that sound?

Style and the Successful Girl goes on sale October 1, for pre-order information, visit