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Five Australian Style Blogs You Need to Follow Now

Personal style blogs are something that will never go out of favour. Even those of us who believe Christmas comes in September want fashion as a dream to come with a side of fashion as reality, to see how people who aren’t models, editors or rich people on the Upper East Side of Manhattan put their own spin on trends. But it’s hard not to think that style blogs are becoming more the ideal and less the reality, full of Valencia-stained brunch snaps and sojourns in opulent European hotels.  

But obviously not every blogger can afford to buy a new Céline clutch every six months, and plenty are still doing awesome things with vintage and non-op-shop garb – they’re just buried a little deeper in the Internet. 

If it’s been a while since you updated your blog roll, click through for five local style gurus who’ll reinstall your faith in the game. Then head straight to your nearest Vinnies.