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21 Questions with…Scoop NYC Vice President Heidi Hoelzer [Fashion Week Edition]


We ask Scoop NYC vice president and general merchandise manager of women's Heidi Hoelzer (named one of the most influential people at New York Fashion Week by The New York Times) our 21 questions as she prepares to take in the Spring 2014 shows.

  1. The night before NYFW I will most likely…be having dinner with friends; it will be a while before I see them again!

  2. The morning of the shows I plan to…wake up early and take a dose of oregano oil… my secret weapon to not getting sick during fashion month.

  3. When it comes to managing stress…I sneak in a FaceTime with my beyond adorable nephews. 

  4. What I'm most excited about for Spring 2014 is…color!!

  5. For me, Fall 2013 is all about…black and white, outerwear and boots.

  6. The item of clothing I'm currently wearing the most is…K Jacque sandals in tan leather.

  7. When I'm at work, I love wearing…layers, because my office is either sub-zero or feels like a tropical island.

  8. The most treasured item in my closet is…one?? I can't begin…

  9. My beauty essentials are…tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, Lancôme Mascara, Nars bronzer and Serge Lutens perfume.

  10. My fashion week must haves include…packable ballet flats, Berocca and almonds.

  11. The up-and-coming designer I'm excited to check out is…Jonathan Simkhai.

  12. I could never travel without…headphones, iPad, cashmere travel blanket and magazines.

  13. The one electronic I can't live without is…I guess it would be my iPhone, although I don't mind "roughing it" and leaving it at home sometimes… 

  14. If my days had one extra hour I'd…work out.

  15. The last thing I Googled is…weather in Nantucket, which is where I spent the last weekend of summer!

  16. I'm dying to splurge on…Rick Owens' puffer coat.

  17. My guilty pleasure is…Candy Crush (my nephews got me addicted).

  18. The designers that never disappoint include…The Row, Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang.

  19. I will always be excited about NYFW because…it's an exhilarating week; one enters it with a blank canvas and by the end you walk away inspired, energized and probably poor since you know exactly where your next paycheck is going!

  20. When it comes to Fashion's Night Out not happening this year I think…I won't have to worry about people spilling their drinks on clothes in the store!

  21. As soon as NYFW is over I plan to…head to Germany for my little sister's wedding!