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21 Questions with… Designer Dennis Basso


We asked furrier and fashion designer Dennis Basso, who has been in the business for 30 years now, our 21 questions. Check him out live Monday, September 30 at 4 p.m. (ET) during “Dennis Basso Boutique” on QVC to stock up on the high-end designer's affordable fashions.

  1. When I get dressed in the morning I think… how is it outside and what am I going to wear?

  2. I would never leave my home without… my canvas tote bag.

  3. The item of clothing I'm currently wearing most is… my navy blazer.

  4. One luxury item I'm dying to splurge on… is an Hermes cashmere scarf.

  5. When it comes to Fashion Week I think… here we go again!

  6. The celebrity I get most excited about when I see her in my clothes is… Brooke Shields.

  7. The best thing about my QVC collection is… it reaches so many different women.

  8. When people tell me they don't see the appeal of fur I… remind them, whether it is faux fur or the real thing, it is warm, durable and fashionable. Somehow, it creates an elevated finishing touch for their ensemble.

  9. When I'm looking to get inspired I… quietly walk through the streets of New York.

  10. My biggest fashion pet peeve is… that people don't clearly look at themselves in a full-length mirror.

  11. My beauty essentials include… my cologne Royal Water from Creed.

  12. When I'm low on energy I… love to eat fresh fruit.

  13. When I'm stressed I… just try to relax and be quiet for a short period of time.

  14. I would never travel without… a photo of my spouse Michael and our miniature Schnauzer, Lily.

  15. The last thing I Googled… was my Spring/Summer 2014 fashion show.

  16. After all these years, what keeps me excited about working in fashion is… that it's forever changing.

  17. If my days had one extra hour… I'd use it to catch up with friends.

  18. The key to dealing with criticism is… to turn it into something positive.

  19. Right after my runway shows I always… go to the Carlyle Hotel to have a martini.

  20. The best style advice I ever got… was that you should be true to your own style.

  21. I'm excited for the fall/winter season because… it's the perfect time to see people wearing my new collection.