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Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014 Hits & Misses: Part 2 (Forum Buzz)

Forum members already weighed in on the first round of Spring 2013 collections in Milan, and here they let the commentary fly on their final picks for the Italian fashion capital’s best and worst.

The Hits: Etro, Iceberg, Missoni. Images via IMAXtree

The Hits: Etro, Iceberg, Missoni. Images via IMAXtree



“The pattern on pattern (on pattern on pattern) looks are a little overwhelming in some places, but it's so pretty and delicate that I can't help but love it. The palette is gorgeous.” [Moofins]

“Glad they got back to their signature niche, the sort of flowy, bohemian, relaxed vibe. The silhouettes don't feel copycat like they did in the last few collections. This is them, this is their identity.” [HeatherAnne]

“A thousand times yes. This is the jolt of energy that I like to see on Etro runways and was gone in the past few seasons. I think the styling really brings out the gorgeous pieces.” [StoneSkipper]

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“Oh, I finally feel like I can hop on the Iceberg train now! This is wonderful, even if it's kind of derivative.” [StoneSkipper]

“Very sleek and subtle collection. Yes, it's a bit Balenciaga-esque but at the same time more wearable and less pretentious. Also the color palette is wonderful. I never paid much attention to Iceberg before but now I think I should.” [yesitsdagny]

“This is unexpectedly nice! A lot of chic, cool, wearable pieces here… this is definitely the one positive surprise of MFW so far.” [Psylocke]



“Fantastic collection, definitely their best one in a few seasons. Easy, fresh and natural, wonderful.” [mackos]

“The bird and wave prints are so beautiful. This is the first collection this season that just allowed me to exhale and enjoy it. With the exception of the fringe, I'm in love.” [breebee]

“Missoni is so totally underrated. Their collections are always really good and they get no editorial… Real shame. Great collection.” [Kite]

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