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Paris Fashion Week Spring 2014 Hits & Misses: Part 2 (Forum Buzz)

You already know what forum members thought of the first round of Spring 2014 collections out of Paris. And now, the second batch of the French fashion capital’s highs and lows.

The Hits: Chalayan, A.F. Vandevorst, Junya Watanabe. Images via IMAXtree

The Hits: Chalayan, A.F. Vandevorst, Junya Watanabe. Images via IMAXtree



“This is beautiful! Some of the dresses are just… wow, breathtaking… And that hat-umbrella? Touché! How cheeky and perfect at once.” [Not Plain Jane]

“He is honestly one of the best designers in the world – he has the most brilliant and novel ideas that make people gasp and applaud in the age when no one is shocked, and 'nothing is new'. And yet, he can design the most stunning and wearable clothing to complement these designs.” [Crying Diamonds]

“I need to see these on the red carpet, these dresses are just OMG amazing.” [TREVOFASHIONISTO]

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A.F. Vandevorst

“I love it!!! For me, best collection of the season. I just love that they stay so true to themselves. And I love that literal sand effect… it reminds me of lovers on some mysterious and romantic seaside.” [Scott]

“Fortunately there's still a lot to appreciate here. From effortless silhouettes to casual luxe, they're in a league of their own. Longing to feel the materials and see the details up close.” [Vitamine W]

“I found that the styling and the sand effects were done so beautifully, they really enhance the overall look of the collection. I love so many looks in this collection… Everything about this is wonderful, it's understated, beautiful and on point and it's my favorite collection so far, too.” [Psylocke]

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Junya Watanabe

“Oh my! This is visionary work. He takes the wild west trope and truly makes it wild again, adding a kind of dystopian Mad Max feeling to it. It's absolutely gobsmacking!!” [Not Plain Jane]

“Truly wow. Just stellar. The overall composition is delicate and sharp – genuinely beautiful to the concept and respectful to the reference source. Lesser designers always, but probably not intentionally, offer such cliché and even offensive interpretations to other races and cultures when they appropriate cultural themes. This is so thoughtful as a tribute, and so, so creative and just beautiful as a concept.” [Phuel]

“Mm, this is lovely! He is such a master of proportion and equilibrium.” [Melisande]