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Paris Fashion Week Spring 2014 Hits & Misses: Part 3 (Forum Buzz)

Paris Fashion Week has officially come to a close but really, we’re all still chattering about the highs and the lows. Everything somehow seems to hit harder in Paris. When the collections are good, there’s a palpable buzz in the forums. When they’re not so good, that buzz gets even louder. Here’s part one and two of the Parisian highs and lows. Read on for part three. 

The Hits: Givenchy, Valentino, Miu Miu. Images via IMAXtree

The Hits: Givenchy, Valentino, Miu Miu. Images via IMAXtree



“Wow amazing, I love the tribal mood here and thank god there's no hipster t-shirt in this collection.” [fluxxx]

“Oh god I can't believe my eyes! For the first time in years I’m not disgusted! I actually love most of this. I knew not all hope was lost.” [mistress_f]

“Let me join the fawning express train. So many couture techniques, so many tribal and awesome historical references. Ugh Ricky [Riccardo Tisci], you got the zest again, well done, I’m so happy for you. Fantastic presentation, heart heart heart.” [Vitamine W]

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“Glad they grew up a bit this season. The added edge this season is going to open up a much wider target market for them, but will retain their loyal fans. This is brilliant.” [HeatherAnne]

“Love the infusion of Eastern European and African influences, as well as the medieval touches that the accessories, particularly those golden necklaces, lend. Plus the leopard print added a bit of much needed cheek into the mix.” [Fiercification]

“Beautiful collection, for me I enjoyed every single look (for a show with 70+ looks I was surprised how enjoyable it was).” [GERGIN]

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Miu Miu

“I love everything about this collection… this is quintessential Miu Miu. It all felt so effortless and beautiful. Miuccia never disappoints. Definitely one of the best shows this season!” [Nepenthes]

“LOVE. The optic prints are fabulous. The dresses are amazing. The tights are great too. Would be a better fall collection, but regardless of the season, it’s an amazing collection.” [VersaceVixen009]

“This is probably the best collection from PFW. The colors are bold, the pieces are interesting without being weird like Prada, they're just beautiful.” [Littleathquakes]

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