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Autographer: We Tried Out the Wearable Camera at the Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas




This weekend, we headed west to attend the first-ever Life is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas, part of the city's efforts to renew the Downtown and Fremont Street areas. We'll have more about the general festiv..ities shortly, but first we wanted to share a video we created with the help of a new gadget, the Autographer

Developed by OMG, an Oxford-based tech group, the Autographer is one of the world's first wearable cameras, set to launch in the U.S. later this year (the item currently ships only in Europe).

Programmed with advanced motion-sensing technology (OMG's Vicon division provides motion capture technology for a broad range of purposes, including Hollywood special effects and medical equipment), the Autographer's bespoke fish-eye lens captures spontaneous panoramic shots.

Because the camera snaps 50 photos an hour at its lowest setting, it's probably an impractical day-to-day item, but the surprise factor and distinctive look of the photos makes it an appealing way to document special occasions. The Autographer's Managing Director, Simon Randall, told us that he typically mounts a couple in his dining room whenever he throws dinner parties.

Anyone who worries about preserving the right to privacy in the digital age might feel uncomfortable with this kind of photo-lifestreaming, and there are reasons for legitimate concern: Most of us are photographed constantly and without our knowledge, and that's particularly troubling considering recent advances in facial recognition software. When we brought up the issue of privacy to Randall, he noted that the sweeping panoramic shots and conspicuous lens make the Autographer an impractical spy camera — and I have to agree. The Autographer is not the most effective tool for anyone aspiring to be a big, bad creep, but I'd still recommend practicing full disclosure whenever you wear one. 

The Autographer's Bluetooth capability pairs with a mobile app so you can easily review photos and create videos and GIFs. 

Here's our video:


Music by No Pants Friday (Lee Rosevere) / CC BY-NC 3.0


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Travel to Las Vegas and accommodations were provided by, a sponsor of the Life is Beautiful festival.  The Autographer was provided to us by OMG Life for review.