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We Ask Charlotte Ronson: How Does It Feel to Be Called an ‘It Girl’?

Charlotte Ronson It Girl

Image: Daniel Torok/ for The Eighth Floor

Last week, Charlotte Ronson joined Chelsea Leyland, Harley Viera-Newton and Zanna Roberts-Rassi (above) to celebrate the U.S. launch of the Australian publication Poster. The group was featured in an 'It Girl' spread which will appear in the magazine's spring issue, available at newsstands in February. 

We asked Ronson some quick questions about the meaning of luxury, female friendship and what it's like to be called an 'It girl.' 

theFashionSpot: Poster magazine's tagline is 'The Art of Luxury.' What do you think people mean when they say 'luxury'? 

Charlotte Ronson: Luxury, in a way, is a goal people always strive for, yet it is unattainable. The idea of luxury brings a certain satisfaction and prestige. 

tFS: What's the greatest luxury in your life?

CR: The greatest luxury in life is time and good health, and of course… a good massage never hurt anybody. 

tFS: You recently celebrated the launch of Poster's 'It Girls' feature. How do feel about being called an 'It Girl'?

CR: Flattery will get you everywhere… 

tFS: Why aren't there more 'It boys'?

CR: Your guess is as good as mine.. I think an 'It boy' is anyone with a strong individual sense of style, and who is doing his own thing and not worried about what everyone else is thinking. So there are probably a lot more 'It boys' than we realize… 

tFS: From the outside, it looks like you have a very tight group of female friends. What would you say to young girls still struggling to find their tribe?

CR: Stay true to who you are and where you came from, always keep a good head on your shoulders. My family and loved ones are a true gift in my life — loyalty, honesty, love and trust are the glue. 

Read on for photos of the Poster magazine party at Hudson Terrace in New York. 

All images Daniel Torok/ for The Eighth Floor