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These 80 Extraordinary Close-Ups from Paris Haute Couture Week Will Restore Your Faith in Fashion

In the United States, fashion is a $298 billion dollar market; the industry employs 180,000 people in New York City alone. It's also 1) a vital element of pop culture 2) an effective vehicle for Internet controversy and 3) a reflection of our society.

With so much at stake — the money, the business, the personalities, the celebrities, the reality shows, the scandals — it's easy to forget what fashion is really about: beautiful clothing. But last week at the Paris Haute Couture shows, we were treated to exactly that: pieces that were so exquisitely cut and sublimely detailed, they restored our faith in the whole rigmarole. 

Below, we've pulled eighty breathtaking close-up shots. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

(Pssst: It's even better in fullscreen.)

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