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Tracy Reese Goes Back to Nature for Fall 2014 (Runway Review)



The Inspiration: Nature with a capital "N."

The Look: Big-bud floral prints and tree-heavy imagery splashed across all sorts of garments, including knee-skimming skirts and modest dresses as well as voluminous capes. These looks were fine but nothing special — a little too obvious and poorly executed to be stand-out. The collection was best when it didn't feel like total First Lady bait, i.e. a short black coat with white contrasting toggles, basketweave stripe patterns and the aforementioned capes (but in rich solid colors).

The Accessories: Peep-toe mules and knee-high boots on the feet, floaty boas along the shoulders.

The Beauty: Eyes were either totally nude or completely decked out. Glam looks were accompanied by icy blue eyes, glitter or fun patchworks of color. Lips either went nude or were accented in a shiny wine lip color. Hair was bed-heady and effortlessly cool.

The Takeaway: Tracy Reese's comfort zone is sometimes a little too much so, but when she branches out (like away from straight-up tree imagery), she can really soar.

All images: IMAXtree

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