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MM6 Maison Martin Margiela Climbs Into the Ring for Fall 2014 (Runway Review)

mm6 fall 14 landscape

The Inspiration: A fashionable city girl on her way to or away from boxing practice.

The Look: Solid colors and minimal embellishment define this collection. It's simple, but there are little flourishes which keep it interesting — a garment that's layered schoolgirl on top, loose and flowy on the bottom along with dramatic necklines that fall elegantly off the shoulders. It's edgy, minimal and a little weird (a dress that is like a kooky collage of a white button-up and brown high-waters). Oh, and there's bubble wrap involved, in the form of a shirt and sleeve accent.

The Accessories: Fingerless mitts that resemble cut-off boxing gloves and sleek booties that hit at the top of the ankle.

The Beauty: A decent portion of the eyebrows were bleached — but not all. A rather naked face plus suitable evidence that some of us should get back on the middle-part train.

The Takeaway: If someone could give us a little more information about how to be a spectator at a goth-hipster boxing match, we'd surely appreciate. We guess this collection is a good consolation.

All images: IMAXtree


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