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London Fashion Week Fall 2014 Hits and Misses (Forum Buzz)

The Misses: Felder Felder, J.W. Anderson, Daks. Images via IMAXtree.

The Misses: Felder Felder, J.W. Anderson, Daks. Images via IMAXtree.


Felder Felder

“I think they always have some pretty dresses etc but they never look that expensive or well made.” [gossiping]

“It seems like they've completely lost the magic they had going on a few seasons back. These fabrics look awful.” [StoneSkipper]

“Incredibly gimmicky and uninspired. My first thought was yuck. On further refection I still can't see anything redeeming.” [LiuDat]

J.W. Anderson

“J.W. must be the most overrated designer in fashion's recent history. What does this collection have to add? What is it trying to say? I just fail to see the relevance of his work. Which wouldn't necessarily bother me, if he weren’t trying to be so relevant. It just feels very try-hard, you know?” [StoneSkipper]

“Not only are his designs unflattering and largely unwearable, they are also terribly constructed.” [Crying Diamonds]

“This guy is like the parody of the ‘avant-garde’ fashion designer. Pick the most odd fabric, create the most unflattering silhouette, add some deep and meaningful inspiration and call it fashion. Not only is this ridiculously unwearable (they are supposed to be clothes, after all), it's just flat out ugly. I wouldn't call him untalented, but he deserves less than half of the hype and attention he gets.” [Marc10]

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“OMG, some of these looks made me laugh. No doubt [Anna Dello Russo] will take one of those hats in every color.” [Not Plain Jane]

“This brand is a joke.” [Kite]