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When a designer attaches their name to Hollywood starlets and celebrity fashionistas, they sometimes risk getting pigeonholed as designers who can only create garments for the cult of Tinseltown royalty. Though Sheri Bodell is well known for having dressed Miley Cyrus, Lauren Conrad, Ashley Tisdale, and even Beyonce when she was with Destiny’s Child, her looks work just as well on downtown divas and young ladies who want to flaunt a rock glam silhouette at holiday parties.


With clothes that span the range of edgy rocker chic, to looks that embrace a softer aesthetic, Sheri Bodell is expanding her designs to include versatile choices for a wider consumer base. “I don’t always want to be seen as the rocker girl designer. The rocker element is still there, with the studs and the leather, but I’ve also used more structured silk satins, silk georgette, and some matted jerseys.“

That aside, although Sheri’s designs have been featured prominently at such red carpets events as the MTV Awards and Kid’s Choice Awards, her clothes work well for holiday parties, especially if you want a New Year’s Eve look that wows and pops.

Sheri’s flapper-inspired, beige crystal fringe dress is one of the hottest selling items from her Fall/Winter 2009 collection. Dark tights or leggings and sparkly eye shadow treatments complete a festive look that will surely get you noticed at that New Year’s Holiday bash. And because this garment fits comfortably, you can still drop it like it’s hot if you so desire, or perch seductively while admirers acknowledge how pulled together you look.

Sheri’s black-beaded mini dress and her black-beaded shawl with beaded mini skirt to match is a great purchase if you want to flaunt a downtown bohemian look. And if you want to add a rocker vibe to your holiday festivities, Sheri’s purple metal-studded mini can effectuate that look. All these looks are reasonably priced for under $450.00.

Also take note that Sheri Bodell has designed a mobile phone cover for the Palm Pixi artist series that was on display at Bryant Park during NY Fashion Week. “I wanted to design something that could be seen as an accessory for the phone. I created "Skin" to closely resemble what my clothing, with all of its metal beading, looks like on a woman’s body.” This phone accessory will be available around the holiday season.

Though many in the fashion industry are struggling to stay afloat, Sheri’s optimistic enthusiasm is paying off in increased sales and an ever-expanding consumer base. “Well, I am still here, and sales are up quite a bit from last year. The state of mind I am in is to continue to push forward, and not run and hide. Although there is a lot of uncertainty in the world, I didn’t want to be one of those people that produce a cheaper, less quality product. I feel that would diminish my brand. I believe that now is the time to speak with an even louder voice.” Keep speaking loudly through your collections, Sheri. We are listening and buying!!

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