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ZoeTwitt is the kind of designer that doesn’t just talk about change; she makes it happen. For Zoe, talk is cheap. The real badge of honor is awarded to those who bring their vision into fruition, and Zoe has done just that by incorporating ecologically sound, sustainable fabrics into a collection that is cutting edge and fashion forward. “I use only natural fibers because I believe it is healthier for the body and the environment. I spent six months sourcing my main fabric, a lightweight, fine wool/silk blend, imported from Italy. We use a lot of silk that is environmentally friendly, and for the next season everything in my collection will be 100% wool knit.”

Though Zoe’s clothes have only been on the market for a year, her designs are in several NYC boutiques and have been worn by Rihanna, Mylie Cyrus, and Chelsea Handler of late night’s Chelsea Lately. “We have actually had some interest from some larger department stores, but right now we want to keep it small so that all of the pieces can continue to be handmade. All of garments are made in NYC in limited quantity. It would be easier to have them made in China, but I like the idea that people who are buying my clothes are benefiting from clothes that are handmade in the United States and not mass-produced abroad.”

With a collection that speaks to a woman’s need for versatility and multi-purposed garments, Zoe is also conscious of a changing market where designers are consistently challenged to come up with strategies that adapt to the cost-conscious consumer. “Because of the economic climate, it is so important for designers to use innovative marketing strategies. Sales are very low, and stores and e-commerce sites are dropping pre-existing large accounts. The economic crisis is changing the way we do business. My pieces are multi-functional and can be worn many different ways, and the word is getting out about my clothes because of their functionality and the fact that they are being handmade locally. Wanting to make the right decisions for this ever-changing world, drive my choices for my label.”

And these well thought out choices are reflected in staple items like Zoe’s black stretch bustier with cotton stretch on the sides for contour, and an edgy, exposed zipper in the back, and her fitted, ruched silk leggings that can be worn legging length or Capri length. 

For Fall/Winter 2010, Zoe’s collection will feature multifunctional large hand knits with a heavy design element, as well as hand knitted hats, multifunctional scarves, gloves, and knitted handbags. An upcoming issue of Seventeen Magazine will feature some pieces from her Spring/Summer 2010 collection.  

Seventeen Magazine, Rihanna and Mylie, and interest from major department stores show that designing with a conscience can pay off.

ZoeTwitt’s line can be found in Albertines, Factorium, Eva, and TC170. For more information, go to

Photos are courtesy of workhousepr.