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Reality TV Queen and fairy godmother to some of the hottest young designers, Kelly Cutrone is taking over 2010 with speed and fervor. Her book, “If You Have to Cry, Go Outside…And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You,” is set to be released on February 2 by HarperOne, the enlightened branch of the HarperCollins family of publishing, and her hot new show “Kell on Earth” premieres on Bravo on February 1.

Marketed as an inspirational self-help read, Cutrone describes the book as ‘a real girl’s guide to the real f***ing world’ and we should expect no sugar coating from fashion-reality-TV’s favorite PR maven. Most of us remember the 2008 New York Observer profile “Dark Angel of The Hills” where we got a glimpse into the world of Cutrone and People’s Revolution.  This promises to be of the same tone, with a few tips, tricks, and anecdotes thrown in, because Cutrone’s co-writer is none other than Meredith Bryan, the author of that piece. Anyone who has interned in the fashion industry before knows that you learn more working for two weeks under a powerful person than you do in all of college, so pair this book with the recently released ‘The Teen Vogue Handbook’ and you will have a detailed map of how to succeed in fashion communications.  


Cutrone has been famously quoted as saying that she when she started People’s Revolution she wanted ‘a PR company that told the truth,’ and “Kell on Earth” will show us the inner workings of one of the most respected boutique PR firms in the world. This past London Fashion Week, you couldn’t walk ten feet around the Somerset House tents without seeing Cutrone and her crew filming for this sure-to-be revealing docu-series. For anyone who saw MTV’s ‘True Life: I’m Going To Fashion Week’ featuring Cutrone’s former assistant Stefanie Skinner should be happy as Skinner has being hired back to People’s Revolution as a Jr. Executive and it looks like she, along with a number of other key staffers, will play a large role in the show.  

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