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Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014 Hits and Misses: Part 3 (Forum Buzz)

You’ve seen part one and part two of the highs and lows out of Paris this season. And now? Fashion Month is officially coming to a close with our last installment of hits and misses. Forum members have spoken (OK, written) and here’s how the rest of the collections panned out in their eyes. 

The Hits: Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Alexander McQueen. Images via IMAXtree.

The Hits: Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Alexander McQueen. Images via IMAXtree.


Louis Vuitton 

“Its nice to see a collection that’s not overwrought for the sake of adding useless details. This feels very fresh and now. The dresses, coats, fabrics and bags were very thoughtful and cohesive. I especially loved the bags with one strap. Wonderful debut from Nicolas [Ghesquière]!” [LabelWhore4]

“By far, the best collection of the season! Simple, well designed, and not over intellectualized. What’s more, it had a kind of Parisian spirit, a nonchalant 'cool' vibe that felt authentic and in touch with reality, and not a dream fantasyland where most designers live these days. What a breath of fresh air to see a beautiful, straightforward collection, with a truly French spirit. Ghesquière captures Parisian culture in a way that no one else can.” [helmut.newton]

“Entirely covetable, period.” [HeatherAnne]

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[Christophe] Lemaire is chicer than anyone, I worship at his altar.” [HeatherAnne]

“I NEED everything, especially the first grey and the last white coats!! When you can cut as impeccably as Lemaire does, the collection doesn't need all the bells and whistles. Not a fold, crease or pleat out of place…just perfect…sigh.” [Zazie]

“Hands down the best collection of the season for me. Absolutely beautiful. One knows one can only expect the best from Hermès when it comes to quality. That quality of the fabrics shone through the video to the point that I even became frustrated I couldn't feel them. Everything looked so fluid. Divine. He's such a great fit for the house, may he stay as long as possible! If reincarnation exists, I sure hope I'll come back as the Hermès woman Christophe Lemaire showed today.” [Thefrenchy]

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Alexander McQueen

“Dark Romance. Black Magic. Haunting ground. Mysterious Midnight. Sarah [Burton] did such a good job this time.” [cutepongki]

“Stunning collection. This felt very authentic McQueen to me, something Lee would've done himself. Visually amazing presentation and the white dresses are heavenly.” [Melly5525]

“This collection is full of marvelous details and it's so beautifully made. I like how dark and romantic this is, it's nowhere near as kitschy and contrived as Sarah's usual work. The silhouettes and opulence of a lot of this is totally the same as in all her other collections, but she somehow managed to improve all her signature designs and take it to this level and it's awesome. I'm in love.” [Psylocke]

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