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Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2014: Melissa Nepton, Pink Tartan and Joe Fresh

How is your Fashion Week going? Hanging in there? Flustered by the crowds? Or have you been indulging in perpetual makeup touches at the Maybelline kiosk? I’m the latter, but before we embark on the next two days of runway shows (and yet more lashings of free eyeshadow), let’s take a moment to look back on the best of the past two days at WMCFW.

1. Melissa Nepton

1 Melissa Nepton

On Tuesday, Montreal-based designer Mélissa Nepton's showcased her Fall 2014 collection of feminine and luxurious looks with a sporty undertone. Steeped in a palette of neutral grey, black and white, the one-time Target Emerging Designer winner unveiled quilted sweatshirts, tracksuit-inspired coats, jumpsuits and relaxed pants in her latest line. Crowd favorites included the chunky knit scarves that seemed to go on and on and… well you get the idea, as the winter warmers proved their versatility by doubling up as blankets.

2. Pink Tartan

2 Pink Tartan

Wednesday night saw the back-to-back showings of Pink Tartan and Joe Fresh, the former which is owned by Mrs. Kimberly Newport-Mimran, while the latter is owned by Mr. Joe Mimran. The slightly higher priced, Shopping Channel-centric Pink Tartan was up first, unveiling a Canadian-inspired collection with a modern 60s twist that was inspired by the famed 1966 Vogue editorial “The Great Fur Caravan.” Primal furs featured heavily while sweaters emblazoned with deer walked down the runway because… Canada.

3. Joe Fresh

3 Joe Fresh

Continuing the Mimran combo, Joe Fresh came as a refreshing nightcap of trademarked vibrancy, only adopting cheaper versions of his wife’s furs. Snaps for the faux, but I’m sure he could have found a fabric that didn’t resemble your childhood teddy? Anyway, Joe Fresh did win street cred for his earthy knits, car coats and a delicate silk dress splashed with autumn scenery (above, centre) that has to be my favorite piece so far this week!  

Images via WMFCW/George Pimentel/Getty Images