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Designer John Patrick’s Organic Label Answers the Question, Is Sustainability Still Possible?

[Asked to share the impetus for launching his brand, designer John Patrick sent us the following statement on his sustainable philosophy.]


In the late Nineties, as the floaty, placelessness of fast fashion increasingly set the tone for the global garment trade, John Patrick had to ask: Is sustainability still possible? Or just a kludge patching the disconnect between eco-anxieties and offshore realities?

In 2004, John Patrick answered that question by launching Organic, his signature fashion label. Organic doesn’t ask either/or; it answers both/and. Beauty and ethics. Green and global. These aren’t binaries of opposition. They’re gradients of possible. Prioritizing organic materials, fair labor practices, and ecological awareness, Organic’s supply chain is a prototype that refines and renders those relationships.


For tomorrow.

designer John Patrick standing in front of his warehouse in upstate New York

Image courtesy Organic by John Patrick