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21 Questions with… Georgina Bloomberg

Georgina Bloomberg

We ask Georgina Bloomberg, professional equestrian, the younger daughter of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the associate chairman for the ASPCA Bergh Ball, which took place earlier this month at the Plaza in New York City and raised over $1 million for animals in need, our quickfire questions:

  1. I usually get up… by 6:57 a.m. I like to see the Today show start every morning and don't like to miss any of the morning.

  2. I would never leave my home without… gum. I am strangely addicted to Airwaves chewing gum.

  3. My guilty pleasure is… bad reality shows.

  4. My beauty essentials include… moisturizer and an eyelash curler.

  5. My favorite place to shop is… Bon Marché in Paris.

  6. When I'm stressed I… get things done. I don't like to relax and use stress as a motivator to be productive.

  7. The most treasured item in my closet is… jewelry from my mother that she has passed down to me and I hope to one day pass down to a daughter.

  8. If my days had one extra hour I'd… check emails. I am always ridiculously behind.

  9. The last thing I googled was… myself, which I don't usually ever do. Big mistake.

  10. The most surprising thing about being a new mom is… that all the clichés are true. Your world changes and nothing else matters as much as it did before.

  11. I'm dying to splurge on… baby clothes. I haven't shopped for myself since I had my son, and am obsessed with buying him things but have to stop myself because he outgrows everything I buy him so quickly!

  12. When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle I… am lucky that I enjoy working out and eating healthy.

  13. Right now I'm reading… Bringing up Bebe.

  14. If you looked at my desktop you'd see… a picture of my pig Wilbur.

  15. A fashion trend I just don't get… super short jean shorts. It just looks so uncomfortable!

  16. My ideal day would include… my son and my dogs. There is always something missing to me if I am not around them.

  17. My favorite place to travel… Bermuda. I spent the summers there as a kid and we have a house there, so I try to go a few times a year. To me, it's the best place on earth.

  18. When it comes to what I wear when I compete in horse shows… I wear Ariat clothing because it's stylish and comfortable and fits a woman's body better than other brands. I always try to be unique and not be too bland, but I also have a great respect for the tradition that comes with equestrian style.

  19. The best thing about New York is… the energy. New York isn't just a place to live, it runs in your blood and becomes a part of who you are. 

  20. When I'm looking to get inspired I… work out. It's the only time my mind is completely clear and I can think about whatever it is I need to.

  21. The best advice I ever got… is from my mother. Don't trust people who don't like dogs. It has never failed me yet.