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21 Questions with… Fashion and Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler


We ask interior and fashion designer extraordinaire and former Top Design judge, Kelly Wearstler, our quickfire questions.

  1. When I get dressed in the morning I think…I have five minutes!

  2. I would never leave my home without…my technology and a bottle of water with cayenne and lemon.

  3. The item of clothing I currently wear the most is…denim.

  4. My biggest home decor pet peeve is…buying everything in a space from the same store.

  5. My biggest beauty pet peeve is…chipped nail polish.

  6. My most treasured home decor item…a Victor Vasarely painting.

  7. When I'm looking to de-stress I…take a Bikram yoga class or get a massage.

  8. My beauty essentials include…sunscreen, Dr. Hauschka Lip Balm and music.

  9. If my days had one extra hour I’d…do an art project with my boys.

  10. The last thing I googled was…flowers of summer.

  11. My guilty pleasure is…dark chocolate and Amarone wine.

  12. My favorite healthy snack is…fresh pressed vegetable juice and raw almonds.

  13. The best advice I ever got…take risks!

  14. What would surprise people most about my job is…how many meetings I fit into a single day.

  15. The most amazing place I ever traveled…all places that come to mind feel equally amazing. Cities have such a distinctive, individual vibe.

  16. I'm dying to splurge on…a vacation!

  17. On a typical Saturday night…I’m with my husband and boys out for dinner and a movie.

  18. I'm always happy when…I am with my family or at work.

  19. No day goes by without…working out.

  20. When I'm looking to get inspired I…dive into my library of vintage and contemporary books.

  21. One thing I do badly that I wish I did well…cook.