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21 Questions with… Rebecca Minkoff

We ask designer Rebecca Minkoff our quickfire questions.

  1. 1When I get dressed in the morning I think… about the meetings I have for the day.
  2. The item of clothing I could never live without is… my Wes Moto jacket. I live in my motorcycle jackets!
  3. Currently, my favorite thing in my closet is… my Alex booties from my pre-fall collection. They’re the perfect transitional piece — pair them with skinny jeans or long, boho dresses and skirts.
  4. Every woman should own… a great bag that takes them from the office to dinner and drinks in the evening.
  5. If you looked at my desktop you’d see… inspiration for my upcoming collection.
  6. My beauty essentials include… Stila lip gloss and mascara and Essie nail polish for a quick fix.
  7. The last thing I googled was… gluten-free bakeries near my office.
  8. If my days had one extra hour I’d… spend that extra hour with my family.
  9. My guilty pleasure is… chocolate.
  10. I’m dying to splurge on… a night out with my husband after the birth of our second child. I’m nine months pregnant, and can’t wait to push this little girl out and meet her!
  11. On a typical Saturday night… I’m at dinner with my family and close friends.
  12. I’m most excited for fall because… I can bring out my coats again!
  13. When I’m stressed I… take a walk around the block or around the office to refocus my energy.
  14. When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle… I go to my trainer twice a week and eat as clean and as healthy as possible.
  15. My biggest fashion pet peeve… is this strange idea that a lot of people have that to work in fashion, you have to be mean. You can be great at your job and be a nice person!
  16. My one style regret… I don’t have any! I think it’s so important to experiment. I do look back and cringe, but no regrets!
  17. When it comes to picking models for my show… I look for strong women.
  18. What keeps me inspired to work in fashion… is the fast-paced nature of the industry.
  19. My favorite place to shop is… Paris.
  20. When hiring people, the qualities I look for… are hardworking and knowledgeable.
  21. The best advice I ever got… was to always strive to be your best!