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The Worst Catwalk Wipeouts of All Time

They say a Victoria’s Secret Angel loses her wings every time a top model takes a tumble. But don’t be fooled by the seemingly simple task of walking a straight line — modeling is a dangerous job. In recent times, the catwalk has become a spectator sport with model after model meeting their demise by slipping, tripping, toppling and stumbling on and right off the runway, sometimes even headfirst into the famed front-row fixtures. These ankle-wobbling catwalk wipeouts are some of the most fashionable face-plants you’ve ever seen. Whether you want to blame it on the long hem or the teetering, sky-high heels, there’s one thing you can’t deny, and it’s that these seasoned pros know how to keep their cool composure.

We take a walk, albeit wobbly, down memory lane to review the worst falls from glamorous grace.

Jessica Stam at Chloe

Ouch, that had to hurt! Model Jessica Stam went headfirst into the runway at Chloe after her right leg tripped her up.

Kamila Wawrzyniak at Vivienne Westwood

Kamila Wawrzyniak experienced double the embarrassment after she fell not once, but twice, at Vivienne Westwood’s 2007 show. Just watch that wobble!

Nina Porter at Burberry

It’s definitely no catwalk cakewalk for model Nina Porter as she struts her stuff at Burberry, only to lose a shoe in the process.

Lindsey Wixson at Fashion For Relief

Poor Lindsey Wixson had some ill-fated luck at Naomi Campbell’s charity walk, Fashion For Relief, where she managed to fall three and a half times in a row as she made her way backstage in Cannes..

Tiiu Kuik at Oscar de la Renta

The world winced in unison as model Tiiu Kuik tripped on her hem at Oscar de la Renta’s 2004 show.

Naomi Campbell at Vivienne Westwood

Naomi Campbell takes an involuntary seat at Vivienne Westwood when she falls flat on her bum after losing her balance.

Model at Maria Lafuente

The ankles on the stems of this gloriously tall model at Maria Lafuente’s show in Madrid seem to bend in almost breaking fashion before sending her to her knees.

Everyone at Prada

If you can bear it, the 2009 Prada show deserves an honorable mention for its legendary shoe ordeal that caused multiple models to teeter and totter their way down the catwalk.