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The 5 Most Controversial Vogue Images Ever Published

#1: Vogue Paris December 2010/January 2011 By Sharif Hamza

Controversial Vogue Images


It has been rumored for a number of years that this particular issue of Vogue Paris was the reason behind Carine Roitfeld‘s abrupt departure. After a series of problematic features inside the magazine, the bosses at Condé Nast eventually decided Roitfeld needed the push after Tom Ford‘s guest-edited issue for Christmas 2010. For the “Cadeaux” section, Sharif Hamza created a portfolio that ignited debate regarding the oversexualization of young children. Hamza shot a bunch of underage children wearing dresses and accessories meant for a much older woman — the typical French Vogue reader. The girls were seen with mature hairstyles and faces full of makeup, while gazing down the lens with vacant expressions, all while surrounded by diamonds and gifts of various sorts. Click here for the whole shoot.

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