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One Minute with … Lulu Frost Designer Lisa Salzer

Mary Alice Stephenson and Lisa Salze

Mary Alice Stephenson and Lisa Salzer, image: Lulu Frost

You probably know Lulu Frost’s Lisa Salzer as a venerable jewelry designer and J.Crew collaborator. But did you also know she treks up some of the most dangerous peaks in the U.S. of A.? That would explain her Spring 2015 collection.

On Wednesday, Lightbox Studios was transformed into a museum gallery. Shadowy walls were splashed with large-scale nature videos and lined with lit plinths showcasing beautiful Victorian-style jewelry, from beaded tassel earrings to exotic scarab necklaces. 

theFashionSpot: You were inspired by flora/fauna for Spring 2015. Are you an outdoorsy person?

Lisa Salzer: Definitely, yes. Well, maybe secretly. I’ve been mountain climbing with my dad since I was 8 years old.

tFS: What’s your favorite mountain memory?

LS: When I was 14, I climbed Mount Rainier with him. At the time, I was the youngest girl to have climbed it.

tFS: What else do you like to do outdoors?

LS: I love running and horseback riding.

tFS: What’s your idea of roughing it?

LS: I think my prime example of “roughing it” was when I climbed Kilimanjaro recently and suffered from a cerebral edema. Nothing like needing an oxygen mask to survive. 

tFS: What’s your spirit animal?

LS: A scarab beetle, which you can see in some of the pieces in this collection. It’s all about life and leaving a lasting legacy. 

Lulu Frost Spring 2015

image: Lulu Frost

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