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One Minute with … Trina Turk

Trina Turk

Models took selfies at the Trina Turk presentation; image: Imaxtree

Trina Turk’s men’s and women’s presentation was one heck of a party. A pool party sans the pool. And in this steamy New York weather, the outfits were spot-on perfect. Bright, colorful and ultra fun, even the models were having a good time; instead of just posing, they took selfies and crowd shots. It was a nice break from the usual monotony of Fashion Week.

We spoke with the designer about her Spring 2015 collection and the art of layering patterns.

theFashionSpot: This is one of the funnest collections we’ve seen so far. The colors are so vibrant.

Trina Turk: We started with the poppy print and that’s kind of where the color story came from. And then we started layering on more florals. And then we started layering on geometrics and we came up with this idea of Pop Art Flower Mart, which kind of expresses the florals combined with the graphic patterns and jacquards. We don’t want to take it too seriously, so we’re mixing up the patterns a lot.

Trina Turk

image: Imaxtree

tFS: Do you have any tips for the right way to layer?

TT: Well, the one thing I think that works when you’re mixing patterns together — some people are very afraid to do it — one thing that helps is if you have a color in all the things in common.

tFS: A woven thread of sorts.

TT: Yes, exactly, that helps. The other thing that helps is if you use color and white stripes or black and ivory stipes, and mix and match with a print. That also works.

Trina Turk

The designer’s favorite look in the collection is the chiffon-covered playsuit on the far left.; image: Imaxtree

tFS: Is there one item that is your favorite piece in the collection?

TT: My favorite piece is this poppy-colored playsuit with the chiffon overlay. I want to wear it to a pool party in Palm Springs with a cocktail in my hand!

tFS: Our kind of woman!

images: Imaxtree

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