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One Minute With … Honor Designer Giovanna Randall

Honor Spring 2015

Image: IMaxTree

Who still can’t get over Giovanna Randall‘s candy-coated collars at Honor? They looked almost good enough to eat. We checked in with the designer to get the 411.

theFashionSpot: Has anyone ever told you that you look like Julianne Moore?

Giovanna Randall: Yes, all the time! I actually took a picture with her once. I told her I never ask, but that everyone thinks I’m her.

tFS: We love the candy collars on the runway.

GR: The collection began with plaster moldings, and I started to think they kind of looked like cake. That turned into candy and I kept getting deeper into that world.

tFS: Are you superstitious before a show?

GR: No…well, a little. We do have to say this one thing every time. We always say, “It’s the night of the show, y’all!”

tFS: What really irks you in fashion?

GR: People who don’t wear helmets when riding bikes or skateboarding in the city.

tFS: What makes you happy?

GR: My daughter and my husband.

tFS: What do you binge watch on Netflix?

GR: Girls and Orange is the New Black.