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Kelly Cutrone: My Favorite Moments from Fashion Week

Kelly Cutrone

Kelly Cutrone with Nigel Barker and J. Alexander at NYFW; Image: Getty

No one does New York Fashion Week quite like Kelly Cutrone. She is the doyenne of fashion PR. From news of her new Socially Acclaimed agency (which is a digitally focused division) to the coup of Miley Cyrus at Jeremy Scott, our September guest editor killed it this past week. Truthfully, you haven’t fully arrived until you’ve had a scream and a hug from Kelly.

Without further ado, we present Kelly’s best moments from the week that never ends (or so it seems).

Whoopi Goldberg at Fashion Week

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg and her granddaughter, Jerzey Dean, at the Jeremy Scott fashion show; Image: Getty

So, Stacy London calls me and says Whoopi Goldberg wants to bring her granddaughter to come to Fashion Week. She’s never been. I said great! So, Whoopi brings her granddaughter to the Jeremy Scott show. And it was great! What other PR company has a Tony and Emmy winner come to their fashion show with their granddaughter? Ever? No one. No one has ever done that.

Not only that, Whoopi came a bunch of times this week. The next time, this super tall guy walked in and Whoopi goes, “Oh my god, is that 2 Chainz?” And I go up to him, “Excuse me, can you tell me your name?” And he says, “Who wants to know?” And I say, “Whoopi Goldberg.” And he says, “Oh Whoopi!!”

That was pretty major.

The Miley Moment

Jeremy Scott and Miley Cyrus

Jeremy Scott and Miley Cyrus; Image: Getty

Miley did so many photo ops at Jeremy Scott — she was great. She said all night, “I buy all my stuff at Walmart and the 99 cent store!” — that was pretty great. Miley and Jeremy together are unstoppable.

She’s amazing. But she’s not his muse. She’s Miley. They’re friends. She’s definitely not his muse. Jeremy said that they were hanging at his house and he said you should do something with my collection, and that’s how the collaboration was born.