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Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Hits and Misses: Part 1 (Forum Buzz)

When it comes to the excitement factor, Milan Fashion Week never disappoints. The highlight of all highlights this season? Prada. Not only did our forum members adore the collection, but seeing Gemma Ward open the show after a long hiatus from the modeling world left some of them “literally shaking and crying” with happiness. Here’s what they had to say about the collections they loved, and the ones they didn’t.

MFW Spring2015 Hits

The Hits: Prada, Fendi, Alberta Ferretti; Images: IMAXtree




“Oh wow, the closeups are glorious, so much detail in every look. The fabrics are gorgeous, and the busted seams make the collection even more cool looking. This trumps everything I’ve seen this season by light-years. Finally some true innovation!” [HeatherAnne]

“The show was raw, it was romantic and it echoed such emotion that it literally moved me to tears (the heart attack when I saw Gemma Ward opening). It pushed the extreme of deconstructed clothing…It has honestly been too long since I have felt this moved after a fashion show. Bravo.” [dodencebt]

“This collection is [Miuccia Prada‘s] best work in recent years. Even beyond the amazing cuts, silhouettes and beautiful deconstruction, there was something very emotional about the clothes and this show. I was very moved.” [Nepenthes]

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“I LOVED this collection. The punk undercurrents and subversive tones masked in prim, proper pretty looks, I think it was really great. The finale bags were gorgeous too.” [Kite]

“While I think some of the silhouettes will prove very unflattering on 98% of non-models, the patterns are lovely, the textures are sublime, and for the first time in a while, the street style vibe of some of the looks feel fresh instead of forced. I’m sold.” [Moofins]

“This is the best in Milan so far, just stunning. Karl [Lagerfeld] is amazing right now.” [gossiping]

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Alberta Ferretti

“The best bohemian theme collection of the season so far. Everything seems exactly enough and they’re beautiful like a fairy tale.” [Koibito]

“Like a dream…as long as you’re just looking in a haze they’re beautiful. And I can’t get over the lilac-beige-mauve combination…not to mention the rose-beige hue in the beginning.” [Melisande]

“I love their color combinations, it’s a beautiful collection for the romantic bohemian. I adore it! There are some design details that are a bit off but overall it’s dreamy.” [heelscatchfire

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