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Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 Hits and Misses: Part 2 (Forum Buzz)

There was a lot to love in Milan this season, but inevitably, a few stinkers sneaked their way into the mix. The biggest culprit for the collections that weren’t up to snuff? A lack of innovation that bored us. So sometimes, even when what’s put out on the runway is technically good, if we’ve seen it before, you’re basically dead to our forum members. Here’s a look at the good and the bad from Milan.

MFW Spring2015 Hits

The Hits: Bottega Veneta, Antonio Marras, Agnona; Images: IMAXtree and



Bottega Veneta

“For me it’s the best collection thus far this season. It’s so effortless and pleasant and themeless it’s just what I needed.” [gazebo

“Mmm, so soothing and elegant. Gorgeous…the second half after the pleated dresses just kept getting better and better. The dresses are deceptively simple, so much careful thought put into the cuts and fabrics and balance. Love them.” [Melisande]

Tomas Maier is only of those designers who really gets luxury as a whole. The fabric, the design and the feeling all come together very effortless yet cool and chic.” [TaylorBinque]

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Antonio Marras

“Whoa this is amazing. The textures and the fabrics and the colors… everything works so well. One of my favorites from Milan, hands down.” [mistress_f

“Oh WOW! This made me so happy to see…so sweet and tender and creative and bold.” [Melisande

“I love his work so much…I genuinely love every single thing about this.” [softgrey

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“Come on. It’s [Stefano] Pilati. It must be the best collection this season. I am really glad he is out from YSL and doing such wonders at Agnona. It’s always amazing.” [Egoiste]

“Pilati strikes again! This is wonderful! Definitely one of the best collections this season. There is actually something new but wearable and subtle in this collection. There is a lot of elegance and power in it. It’s like his YSL woman, but a lot more relaxed. That coat/cape with the cut-out is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!” [ogepma]

“The designs, construction and intricacy of cut are just mind-blowing, and yet how easy and modern this collection appears. This is how minimalism should be done!” [Zazie]