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Sorry, What? Camilla and Marc Team Up With a Bank for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney

Well, that’s not something you see every day. Australian label Camilla and Marc unveiled new uniforms for St. George Bank at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney last night, in one of the most unlikely partnerships we’ve ever witnessed.

Model Rachael Finch and presenter Tom Williams were tapped as ambassadors for the brand-spankin-new designs, with the attractive pair leading the runway’s finale.

The new designs, which look more appropriate for a stewardess than a banker, are a big improvement compared to past uniforms. The St. George Bank team used to put up with pale-green button-down dresses and red-and-white striped nautical numbers (seriously, see below), so the crisp black, whites and emerald-greens of the new workwear will hopefully make for much happier staff.