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Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015 Hits and Misses: Part 2 (Forum Buzz)

Paris Fashion Week continues. And with it, our forum members’ fascination with the collections making their way down the runways. Some of the big name fashion houses disappointed, while the smaller labels delighted. Here’s what the forums had to say.

PFW Spring2015 Hits

The Hits: Comme des Garçons, Haider Ackermann, Vetements; Images: IMAXtree and



Comme des Garçons

“Amazing as always… construction of her pieces always mesmerizes me and love her study of the shades of red. Is her inspiration Little Red Riding Hood? Love that she always does her thing!” [krncandi]

“She never ever ever disappoints me. CDG shows are the only certainty left in fashion. This is fantastic. It’s very horror-meets-fairytale meets a disheveled femme fatale kind of aggressive. I love every single look. Dying at the little patent leather/latex strips that pop out here and there.” [mistress_f

“I love the use of red, the splatters, horror and Red Riding Hood reference. Everything right up my alley, I’m ready for Halloween. Her collections have never been very wearable for the average person but for someone with this taste and love of fashion, everything is beautiful and well crafted.” [heelscatchfire

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Haider Ackermann

“What I like about him best is that he stays true to himself – but still pushes himself further. His shows are so special and unique. Love him for this – and the most beautiful and best fitting trousers of all fashion weeks combined.” [FashionFanatico

“I’m really enjoying this much softer side of Ackermann…it’s not the most eye-catching, but very beautiful nevertheless. I love all the immaculately sewn silk pantsuits, the patent leather pants which are so well crafted that you can barely tell it’s leather and the hoodies made of fabrics such as suede and organza which at times looked tortured, but were mostly successful. I bet they’re gonna be all over street style shots six months from now.” [dodencebt]

“This is really gorgeous. Love to see him exploring new things, because as much as I love his work, sometimes he can get a bit too stuck in the same silhouette and styling, so it really paid off. It’s soft, ultra-feminine, a bit fragile and sensual, but never losing the Haider woman attitude.” [Marc10]

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“Great follow-up to that epic debut collection. It seems a little more refined and I love that they went for a runway show this time, quite a bold choice, IMO. The trench coats are fantastic and those couple of outfits with the leather jackets are fun. Love that belted look towards the end. Beautifully styled and super interesting!” [Psylocke]

“I have been enamored by them since their debut last season. Easily one of the most exciting labels I’ve seen in a LONG time. Carries on that humble tradition that MMM left before heading off into Diesel-land. It’s raw, it’s quirky, it’s effortless…it is precisely the kind of spirit I feel has been so scarce in today’s homogenized bubble…even amongst many independents.” [Scott]

“So many bold elements here and neat ideas. Blows me away how they made a sweatshirt and pants look so forward.” [TheoG]