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One Minute With… Designer Angel Sanchez

Angel Sanchez

Image: WENN

Why did all the models go missing at Angel Sanchez‘s bridal show? We’ve got the skinny and more from the designer himself.

theFashionSpot: We heard your models went MIA this morning. What happened?

Angel Sanchez: It was very stressful. When you do the fittings, you pick the right dress for each girl. But the agency scheduled the models for our show on the wrong day. So, at 7:30 a.m. while we were preparing for the show, only one girl showed up. The other three were not around. The agency started sending girls, but we couldn’t do a fitting. We did the best we could.

tFS: Did you panic?

AS: Yes! I’m still in a bad mood because I know the show could have been better.

tFS: We never would have guessed. 

AS: I’m thankful my mom told me that complaining is a very bad habit. And I’m usually a happy person.

tFS: What’s the collection about this season?

AS: I call the collection “Falling In Love.” It wasn’t about a theme; it was a very free process, like when you’re young and falling in love. You don’t think about who or when. You just do it.

tFS: It was very romantic. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done?

AS: About 10 or 14 years ago, there was a natural disaster in my country. I went to see this person I was in love with. There were no airport flights. So, I drove hours, got on a ferry, then took a plane to a little island, where I got on another plane. When you’re in love, you do crazy things.

tFS: What do you like to do when you’re not designing?

AS: I have a little cabin upstate, where I garden. I like to be by myself or with my partner. I love silence.

tFS: What’s on your career bucket list?

AS: Only one? I have thousands! I want to open my first American store. I’d like to do that within the next two years. It’s my one dream.