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Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Spring 2015 Hits and Misses (Forum Buzz)

With great expectations comes great disappointments. Couture collections from big-time brands like Christian Dior and Chanel can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to forum members’ opinions. But there are also glimmers of hope during Haute Couture Fashion Week — like designers and brands that seem to be finding their way to (what forum members think) couture is all about. Here’s a look at the collections our forum members loved and loathed.

The Hits: Stéphane Rolland, Jean Paul Gaultier, Viktor & Rolf. Images via IMAXtree.

The Hits: Stéphane Rolland, Jean Paul Gaultier, Viktor & Rolf; Images: IMAXtree



Stéphane Rolland

“This is couture baby.” [GIVENCHYlover]

“Some of the gowns are totally exciting and oh! what great Oscar gowns they’d make…” [KKnardi]

“It would be wonderful if someone wore one of these on the Oscar red carpet. It would certainly stand out amongst the sea of Armani & Dior!” [Luxx]

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Jean Paul Gaultier

“I think this is his best couture collection to date, much more tame and wearable compared to previous seasons. The clothes look amazing and I just think it’s wonderful.” [Nomar]

“Fantastic collection. Love the flat shoes, the veils and of course the asymmetric looks which are to die for. He really does couture like no other.” [Valentine27]

“This is one of the Gaultier sides I adore: stripped off all the campy, kitschy embellishments and theatrics and distilled into pure form. Those hybrid tuxedo suits/gowns/coat dresses are the work of a master, and only Gaultier can pull it off so effortlessly. In the hands of a lesser designer, it would have been overwrought, heavy, burdened and contrived. Gaultier makes it look so light but so sharp.” [Phuel]

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Viktor & Rolf

“A wonderful move back towards the fun and whimsy that once dominated their work. This feels like a flight of fancy, the prints are so great…This feels lively, like a little jaunt to the islands in the middle of winter.” [Luxx]

“I like the ‘a gust of wind blew my dress’ idea and that it’s reminiscent of their 2010 collection (in terms of shapes). Best collection in a long time imo.” [kokobombon]

“Couture this season seems to have a floral influence and I love all the pieces with the flower embroidery sticking out. Obviously many of these pieces are impractical to wear but then again I read that V&R couture isn’t actually meant to be worn and bought. Pleasantly surprised…” [Nomar]

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