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One Minute With … Kate Spade Designer Deborah Lloyd

Deborah Lloyd; image: Getty

Deborah Lloyd; image: Getty

The second day of New York Fashion Week is a brutal one: A jam-packed schedule and a frigid 17 degrees outside. Kate Spade’s West Side presentation, however, was just the respite we needed. Inspired by a hidden lounge or hotel bar, there was live piano music, tuxedoed waiters, passed hors d’oeuvres and cocktails — and of course, beautiful clothes. Relaxed layers of woolen plaids mixed with pretty hues and adorned fabrics make up the wearable collection for Fall 2015. There are hints of the signature Kate Spade playfulness in the form of woodland fox prints, chocolate box clutches and oversized bows.

We caught up with designer Deborah Lloyd to discuss fairy tales, favorite New York moments and more.

theFashionSpot: What inspired your collection today?

Deborah Lloyd: The magical world of fairy tales. Growing up it was my escapism, I didn’t live in the most exciting place, so I escaped by reading books and imagining I was those people. One of my favorite childhood heroines was Truly Scrumptious from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. So, anything pink with frills and a bow on it was always my favorite. I also loved Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected and the Fantastic Mr. Fox — you can see a few foxy ladies in the collection, whether the hats or the little clutch bags. And maybe a little of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the inspiration for the chocolate boxes and things.

tFS: What’s your favorite piece here today?

DL: I have to say it’s the gorgeous, big, red mohair check coat. I love that look with the elongated 70s pants and the foxy little hat.

image: Getty

image: Getty

tFS: The lounge setting here is so much fun!

DL: Isn’t it nice? We knew it would be so cold today and we wanted a way to welcome people in and make them feel like they were in their favorite bar in New York. The illustrations were commissioned from Mike McConnell whom I love. Even my little dogs, Stella and Lulu, are ready for their close-up. I absolutely adore it — all New York moments and stories.

tFS: And what’s your favorite New York moment?

DL: I just love coming into the city. I always have Working Girl going over in my mind — if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere — and I just love seeing the silhouette of the city, knowing I live in this amazing place. I just love it.

tFS: You mentioned the cold, how do you dress for this weather and still look good?

DL: I have this amazing Kate Spade shearling coat that I designed last year and I live in it. And I haven’t been cold since I’ve been wearing it, even today.

tFS: We’re obsessed with your spring ad campaign with Karlie Kloss and Iris Apfel. Who do you see as the Kate Spade woman? 

DL: I think that campaign really sums it up. It’s not about age, it’s about a sensibility and a mindset. So, you can have a 22-year-old amazing supermodel and a 92-year-old amazing supermodel, and everything in between. Anna Kendrick and all the other amazing women we worked with on the campaign are amazing in their own right. Whether she was a Broadway star or a curator from PS1, they all have stories to tell and those are the women we love. They’re real women and they have an amazing inner beauty and inner strength.

tFS: What are your post-NYFW plans?

DL: There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. My husband has kindly booked me an amazing spa treatment at the Mandarin Oriental this afternoon — my favorite massage ever. And he’s taking me to dinner and an escape to Paris on Sunday night. [Editor’s note: Best. husband. ever.]

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